Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Projections: again!

Long time, no update.

The Projections 7" is now well and truly out there in the world. You can buy it in the following ways:

  • online from the nice folks over at Norman Records.
  • online from the nice folks over at Rough Trade.
  • At either of Rough Trade's shops in London (one in Covent Garden WC2, one in Ladbroke Grove W11) - details of which can be found here and here.
  • Or, direct from us! If you wish to do so, please email us for further details.

Norman Records said some very nice things about the single in their weekly mailout. They said:

"Limited 7" from Projections. A trebly & off-kilter post-hardcore wobble-a-thon that reminds me of Shudder To Think crossed with Built To Spill on shaky stilts recorded in a collapsing wheelie bin. 'We Couldn't Speak' is damn fine, screen printed & limited to 400 vroooooming copies that will probably take 8 times longer to sell out than one of these buzz band bags of toss. The flip is more of a slow building tower of instrumental tension & dynamics sorta thang that has a guitar on that I would dub 'coruscating' & some angrily flailing cymbals that could behead you. This is the kind of band that live, can easily flip me out into a headnod wonderland after 2 pints of Guinness & a smoke. Excellent."

A big hug is extended to Norman, regardless of whether he is real or not.

I'm fairly sure the band do not have any further dates planned for this year. However next year will, I'm more than sure, bring more touring and new music (through us or not).

We're in the planning stages for several new releases next year from HOT NEW BANDS, but we can't talk about those yet, oh no. Nor can we talk about the MONTHLY LONDON CLUBNIGHT we may (or may not) be in the stages of planning. But we can say we're going to have a PROPER WEBSITE very very very soon. I promise.